King: Digital Art Museum 2002

Mike King; Computers and Modern Art: Digital Art Museum An essay specially written for Digital Art Museum, tracing the relationship between the Pioneers of computer fine art and Modern art movements.


Brown: Emergent Paradigm 1996

Paul Brown; An Emergent Paradigm, 1996 A thoughtful article by an artist and electronic arts educator and commentator who has been part of the international scene for many years.


King: Programmed Graphic 1995

Mike King; Programmed Graphics in Computer Art and Design, 1995 A Leonardo paper exploring the role of programming for artists at a time when so much ready-made and high-quality art and design software was beginning to appear.


Wright: Mathematical Art Form 1988

Richard Wright; Some Issues in the Development of Computer Art as a Mathematical Art Form, 1988 One of a number of valuable essays in Leonardo, Electronic Art Supplemental Issue, 1988. Wright provides important insights into the role of mathematics in art.


Dietrich: Thought-Experiments 1987

Frank Dietrich; The Computer: a Tool for Thought-Experiments, 1987 A Leonardo paper by Dietrich with a strongly philosophical basis, drawing on Hegel amongst others to contextualise some important computer artists.


Franke: Expanding Medium 1986

Herbert W. Franke; The Expanding Medium: The Future of Computer Art , 1986 Franke develops his ideas on computer art in this second Leonardo paper.


Franke: The New Visual Age 1985

Herbert W. Franke; The New Visual language: The Influence of Computer Graphics on Art and Society, 1985 A Leonardo paper by one of the earliest pioneers of computer art.The Influence of Computer Graphics on Art and Society


Noll: Technical Memorandum 1962

The Technical Memorandum dated August 28, 1962 that A. Michael Noll wrote at Bell Labs to document his early work.