Epigenetic Painting: Software as Genotype

Leonardo 23:1 (1990), Presented at ISEA 88 (Utrecht)

The author discusses a personal expert computer system driven by his own 'software art'. The software (with appropriate hardware) generates paintings and drawings that resemble the mature work of the artist's pre-electronic period, containing brush strokes that exhibit spontaneous qualities. The author outlines the prerequisite understaning necessary for writing the code, aspects of the software and hardware implementation, the biological analogue (epigenesis) and salient questions raised by the new procedure

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"Notes on Epigenetic Art...", Genetic Art - Artificial Life

Ed K.Gerbel & P.Weibel, Vienna, 1993.

Algorithms & the Artist

Algorithms & the Artist, panel position, ISEA 94, Helsinki.

This essay was developed as a position paper for a panel on Algorithms and the Artist at the Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art, Helsinki, September 1994. The panel, chaired by Peter Beyls (Belgium), included Brian Evans (US) and Steve Bell (UK). We presented a similar panel, with the addition of Jean Pierre Hebert and Ken Musgrave, at SIGGRAPH in LA the following year (1995).
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This position statement is also posted with the ISEA '94�proceedings at

Notes on algorithm and art

Computer Graphics Proceedings, SIGGRAPH 95.

PIXEL, Le magazine des nouvelles images

Smith, Gregg, Roman Verostko, PIXEL, Le magazine des nouvelles images, n 29, Paris '96, p 32ff.

The article in PIXEL, Le magazine des nouvelles images is available in french at

Visual Proceedings

"Roman Verostko", Visual Proceedings, SIGGRAPH 97, ACM ,NY.� pp.52-57 (ISBN 0-89791-921-1; ISSN 1069-5419)

Artist's Statement in "The Derivation of the Laws. . ."

The Statement was published in the limited edition of George Boole's Derivation of the Laws� which is Chapter III,� from Boole's classic work: An Investigation of the Laws of Thought.. (Macmillan, 1854). The illustrations were generated with Verostko's software, Hodos. The limited edition of 125 copies, bound in leather, was pulled by hand at the St. Sebastian Press in Minneapolis in 1990. Each copy has original, "one of a kind", tipped in front and end pieces which were plotter drawn in the artist's studio. The work was also issued in paperback, in February 1991 (ISBN 1-879508-07-9). The press is no longer active. The artist retains a limited number of copies of each edition.
© Roman Verostko

SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award: Roman Verostko
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Resume Select     Roman Verostko
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